Monday, 15 April 2013

We decided on Forever: 29th March 2013

We thought of going cheeky with the message "Just kidding" on the other side.Hahahaha 

As some of you may have noticed via our instagram pics, we were tasked for an event styling event on a Good Friday Morning. This event was a very special and dear project to our hearts because one of our partner have finally taken the leap of faith to marriage. Let me officially introduce 1/3 of our KAJSS managing partner in charge of Sweet Surrender ... Mr Yeo Zhen Peng Brendan and his beautiful wife.

This special event was only for the close and the bestest group of friends and families of 20 people. Therefore the event styling task was pretty much a simple affair. But as some of you may have known or even have prior experiences before, sometimes the simpliest styling is the most stressful and time consuming part as we try to come up with ideas and details on how to make the event as beautiful and as pretty as possible.

The request was for the decor to be clean and simple yet at the same time rustic chic to fit the surronding vibe of the place. The initial plan was for the ceremony to take place in the open backyard. Just like those english receptions that you see on websites where we can have free play of the open-ness and colours from the surrounding area. However, the weather was highly unpredictable going hot and cold on us that we've decided to have the ceremony indoor instead. Secretly we knew the bride and groom was overjoyed at that decision . They do not need to compete with their sweating pits and melting make ups with the afternoon heat. (the sky finally let loose and we were bestowed with cooling weather and light drizzles of rain throughout the day)

So here it is.... i will let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

Hand picked fresh flowers for the wedding arch.
Trying to decide whether these balls were going to be a part of the decor.
Side profile view of the wedding arch. Very raw and rustic look.
You can never go wrong wih white tiffany chairs for your events. Enquire for more rental infos. 
We are trying to stray away from typical red carpets aisles.
Full view shots of our tiffany chairs and the minor touch ups we did. 
Guest reception area. 
Doily paper vase.
Photo Montage of the couple. The bride got officially proposed a few months back.
Hanging vases. Pardon those un-bloom roses. 
Front view of the entrance

Just had to post this. The team goofing around during after hours.
The rustic wedding arch and the photographer of the day.
Join us in wishing Brendan and his wife on their new journey. Like a candle in the dark, may both of you find light with each other. Never give up and work things out with a heart filled with love and understanding. Congratulations the both of you!

From all of us at KAJSS.