Saturday, 23 February 2013

Newly Engaged?

Preparing for a wedding is like a full time job, even with a planner. While I’d love to say that it’s all about cake tastings and clinking glasses—in reality it’s a lot of planning, budgeting, along with a few headaches. That’s not to say it’s a terrible process (because it IS fun!), there are just a lot of details (maybe too many) to deal with and it’s important to keep your wits about you or else you could end up on MTV’s True Life: I Am Bridezilla. Nevertheless no planning process is perfect and there will always be mini catastrophes along the way…
As you can imagine, there is a seemingly endless list of things to decide on and deal with—from the photography  to dress fittings to remembering to buy a pretty hanger for that inevitable hanging wedding gown photo (You know you’ve seen it on plenty wedding videos). But before you so much as spend a dime on your big day (or pin too many images), I learned there is a list of things you must do before the actual wedding planning can commence... So what’s a girl to do when she finds herself sporting a newly acquired sparkler?

My 5 Must-Dos Before You Plan Your I-Dos

  1. Make sure your ring is insured. If not, get it insured—stat!
  2. Set a timeline. The second a girl get engaged everyone will keep asking if they had set a date yet... This question is inescapable so be sure to have an idea as to when you would like to tie the knot. I suggest picking your favorite month or time of year since you may have to be flexible in case your venue is booked on the exact date you were imagining.
  3. Get inspired! Decide on your style, ideal location, and overall aesthetic. Do you prefer modern, rustic, or uber traditional? Just be forewarned that you can get sucked into researching for hours on end. There are so many creative ideas out there with a touch of button.
  4. Set a budget. Figure out who is contributing to your wedding and how much they can give. This is crucial since it will affect every single decision thereafter. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but you have to get it out of the way as soon as you can so you can get to the fun part—planning!
  5. Draft a guest list. It may seem premature but you need to get a good idea of how many people you will be inviting. This number should be dictated by your budget, first and foremost, and it will affect a number of factors including your venue. It’s also helpful to know that most venues have restrictions on how many guests they can accommodate. For example, spa boutique could only accommodate up to 500 people so I had to make sure the guest list did not exceed that limit.
Once you’ve checked the above off your list, you’re ready to get started on planning your big day! Always make sure that your budget is constantly kept in checked. It is so easy to fall off the bandbawagon and take up more services that you dont really require. Be sure to check with us the various wedding packages available. We have a tiered pricing packages that may be able to fit into your wedding budget.
Till the next. 

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